Inset I-Joist Installation

This house is being built to accommodate aging-in-place design principles so one issue we wanted to achieve was a step free access from an entry that was to be a slab on grade patio.

Our solution was to hang the floor framing inside the ICF foundation using top bearing joist hangers.

The engineering team at PolySteel specified that we had to remove the foam from the top 8" of the area under the joist hangers to provide good support for the 2x10 mudsill.

We tacked 12" galvanized flashing to the bottoms of the treated mudsills and then tacked sill seal gaskets to that so there would be an air tight fit between the flashing and the top of the PolySteel. The top sill is strapped down every four feet with hurricane straps and the I-joists are isolated from the foam and concrete with galvanized steel patches to help keep termites from tunneling into them. (This is in addition to a low toxicity soil treatment and borate based insecticide mixed into the foam at the PolySteel factory.)

We ordered all the Joists precut to within about eight inches of their final length. The scrap would have fit into a single trash can.

With all the pieces precut at the supply house the floor was framed and ready for inspection in a day and a half. It fits into the concrete foundation like a cork in a bottle.

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